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Infantia, the Association “Interdisciplinaire pour le Développement et l’Environnement” (TARGA AIDE) and the “Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II” have worked together on the building of a Women Centre in the Ouneine Valley (high Atlas in Morocco).

The Centre, inaugurated in May 2002, is a place where women can meet with other women, share and acquire necessary skills to enable them to earn their own income.

This project has many objectives over time, in particular:

· Alphabetisation
· Improve scholar interest
· Education and apprenticeship for young girls and women
· Growing public awareness of the importance of the education, health, nutrition…
· Personal development
· Initiation of small businesses

Since many women have very young children, it was a problem for women to come to the centre. Therefore a baby sitting place has been organized in order to allow women to come to the Centre.

Early 2006, a new activity has been started: initiation to local craftsman. This activity is accessible to all before to choose one subject in particular and access to a specific training to develop a small business and become financially independent.

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